CHESPAX Terrapin Tails 2022-2023

We know that our terrapin is a sister or a brother to other terrapins in the head-start project in Calvert County. Each month, we will share data and photos of each terrapin in the project.

Picture of baby turtles.
All of these terrapins are related!

Your challenge is to figure out which terrapins are related by watching them every month. Remember that both the environment and the terrapin’s parents can shape that way in which a terrapin looks and the way that it grows.

At the end of each month, we will add a link to the table below so that you can look at the terrapins and their data.

Monthly Data for the Terrapin Project

Back in the Bay!!

Check out the livestream of Oreo at Huntingtown Elementary!

Do you think Oreo is related to your terrapin??

Each terrapin in the project has its own page. The pages include images and growth data from the head-start project.

Barstow ElementaryBeach Elementary Calvert Country School
Calvert ElementaryDowell ElementaryHuntingtown Elementary
Mt. Harmony ElementaryMutual ElementaryPatuxent-Appeal Campus
Plum Point ElementarySt. Leonard ElementarySunderland Elementary
Windy Hill Elementary