1st Grade Pollinators

Pollination, which helps produce the foods that we eat, is one of the many important jobs that insects have to help people. Unfortunately, these insects are beginning to disappear. In some areas, scientists have developed hand pollinators to pollinate crops in case the decline continues or gets worse. In other areas, people are improving habitat by building insect hotels and pollinator gardens that will provide homes for a variety of pollinators.

In this unit, students will learn that insects perform a variety of jobs that are very important to people. They will learn about the process of pollination and why it so important. They will look closely at the structures of insects in the field and forest to find out what makes an effective pollinator. Back in the classroom, the students will use this information to design a hand pollinator. They will also design an insect hotel as a man-made habitat for insects at their school or home.

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