Meet the Staff

Tom Harten

Tom has been with CHESPAX since 1992. Tom has an interest in the natural environments of the Bay and the Patuxent River and has incorporated many of the environmental monitoring projects that have taken place at CHESPAX over the past several years.

Linda Subda

Linda has been on staff at CHESPAX since 1991. Linda has developed most of the borrowing boxes that are sent out to schools as a teaching resource for classroom environmental study. Linda works closely with the high school Envirothon program, coordinating the local competition and serving in a leadership role at the state level. Linda also has developed our in-school kindergarten program which has been well received by teachers and students.

Stephanie Patterson

​Stephanie has been with CHESPAX since 2016 after having served as a CCPS instructional assistant, substitute teacher and parent volunteer. She also currently co-sponsors the WHMS Girls Club. Stephanie enjoyed attending CHESPAX field trips as a parent chaperone, and she now gets to enjoy the planning and implementation as secretary. This unique position allows Stephanie to visit with our many program partners and provide support for all of our CHESPAX programs.

Taylor Wagner

Taylor joined CHESPAX in 2018, having been an Aquarist at the Albuquerque Biological Park Aquarium in New Mexico. He grew up in Calvert County and has gone through as a student pretty much every program that he now helps run.