Stream Survey Results

During the 8th Grade Stream Survey Activity, our 8th graders search for Benthic Macroinvertebrates that can be located in streams around Calvert County.

Benthic Macroinvertebrates are an important indicator for the health of the streams and creeks around the county, with a high amount of biodiversity (a variety of species) indicating a healthy stream. Lower biodiversity indicates the opposite, that something might be wrong with the stream.

Factors such as erosion, pollution, and heavy rainfalls can cause a change in the biodiversity located within the streams that we survey.

Our biodiversity is measured by categorizing the species we find into three broad categories. Tolerant species are macroinvertebrates that are able to withstand a higher amount of sediment and pollution within the water. Less Sensitive are able to tolerate small amounts of pollution, but will not be present in highly polluted or sedimented streams. Sensitive species are unable to handle small amounts of pollution, and will only be present in streams that are healthy.

A table containing past stream surveys for the 8th grade program.