Stream Macroinvertebrates

“Sensitive” Macroinvertebrates

All of the organisms you see above are listed as “sensitive” species. This means that they can’t take much pollution, and are indicators of a healthy stream.

“Less Sensitive” Macroinvertebrates

These organisms are known as “less sensitive” species. Much like the “sensitive” species, the macroinvertebrates listed here indicate stream health. However, these species can take more pollution and a lower stream health than the sensitive species. Finding these species doesn’t mean that your stream isn’t healthy, but it does show that the quality could be better!

“Tolerant” Macroinvertebrates

These macroinvertebrates are generally found in streams that have a poor quality, either with a lot of pollutants or a lot of sedimentation. If you only find these during your survey, your stream is probably not doing well healthwise.