South Creek Watershed

The South Creek Watershed encompasses the entirety of North Beach, along with a little bit of Chesapeake Beach as well. 1,529 acres of the watershed lie in Calvert County, with the rest stretching up towards the north into Anne Arundel County.

2020 Calvert Stream Survey – Sam Owings Place Survey Site

Collection SiteDateTeacherSchoolScoreQual RatingCaddisflies (except net spinners)MayfliesStonefliesRiffle BeetlesGilled SnailsDobsonflies (Hellgrammites)Crane FliesDamselfliesDragonfliesCommon net spinning CaddisfliesCrayfishScudsAquatic sowbugsAquatic WormsBlack FliesMidge FliesLeechesLunged Snails# of species found
Sam Owings Place11/16/2020LeggeWHMS10Poorxxxx4
Sam Owings Place11/17/2020LeggeWHMS7Poorxxxx4
Sam Owings Place11/17/2020LeggeWHMS8Poorxxxxx5
Sam Owings Place11/17/2020LeggeWHMS10Poorxxxxx5
Sam Owings Place11/18/2020MinnichWHMS6Poorxxxx4
Sam Owings Place11/18/2020MinnichWHMS10Poorxxxxxx6
Sam Owings Place11/18/2020MinnichWHMS8Poorxxxx4
Sam Owings Place11/19/2020MinnichWHMS8Poorxxxxx5
Sam Owings Place11/19/2020MinnichWHMS11Fairxxxxxx6