(Gobiosoma bosci and G. ginsburgi)

A picture of a naked goby
A naked goby

There are a number of different species of gobies that can be found on an oyster reef in the Chesapeake Bay. The most common species is the Naked Goby, which gets this name because it lacks scales on its body.  Gobies rely on the oyster reef as a place to hide from predators.  Look inside the empty shell of a dead oyster to find these interesting fish.  Gobies also start their lives in an oyster shell, since the female goby will deposit her eggs in an empty shell during the spring.  The position of the gobies’ eyes on the top of the head are an adaptation that allow the fish to look out from an oyster shell while keeping most of its body concealed.  The first ever Naked Goby for King’s Landing Park was caught on May 11 , 2001.

A graph of naked goby caught between 1997-2015
A graph of naked goby caught between 1997-2015